About VP Workouts


To be charitable and to offer the best personal training app on the planet.

VP Workouts is committed to making personal training affordable through the use of technology. We have an uncompromising passion to continuously improve our product and to offer more value to our customers. It is our primary objective to relentlessly improve how well our app mimics a personal training experience so our customers receive better and better workouts and results.


We believe in innovation, research and development, listening to our customers and responding to their needs. We employ professionals in every department that care about our customers and invest in excellence to ensure every aspect of our product delivery is exceptional.


We are also charitable, giving 5% of gross revenue to help foster children. Our ultimate goal is to fix the broken foster care system. Currently, 65% of all foster children will be dead, on drugs, imprisoned or pregnant by the age of 19. This is unacceptable and we refuse to sit back and continue to allow it to happen. Join us in our efforts to give these wonderful, amazing foster children an opportunity.

About Us


VP Workouts proudly employs the University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI) to handle software and artificial intelligence programming. UDRI is a national leader in scientific and engineering research. Our professional researchers provide support in a variety of technical areas, ensuring customer success by delivering affordable, innovative solutions, leading edge technologies and outstanding service. UDRI leverages the expertise of UD faculty and students, along with its partners in academia, government and industry, to address unique technical challenges and help the University fulfill its commitment to education, research and public service.





Based on modern exercise science and designed to keep you challenged but not overworked. Workouts are full body and designed from our 3 Rules for Results:

Week 1: Learn

  • Focus on your form and technique for each exercise.

  • Lower starting weight to allow you to learn the movement so all your reps are clean.

  • Make the mind-muscle connection (think about using the correct muscles in each exercise)

Week 2: Perfect

  • Master each exercise.

  • Increased weight but still focusing on form and clean reps.

  • Mind-muscle meld – make a strong connection.

Week 3: Perform

  • Now you’re ready to explode!

  • Push your limits while still maintaining proper form and clean reps.

  • You should be using the correct muscles automatically but still be mindful.

Starting with Week 4, you get all new exercises and the cycle starts over. This process allows your body to understand every exercise and perform it with excellence so you work the correct muscles, enhance recovery, minimize injury and see steady results.

  1. Form Over Volume: Proper technique is way more important than using lots of heavy weight and high reps (volume). Your goal is to make each rep clean – meaning great form with controlled movements. Too much volume wastes reps and slows down your progress. Bad form means you’re working the wrong muscles and setting yourself up for injuries. Proper form and volume ensure you work the correct muscles and get the most from every exercise.

  2. Mind-Muscle Connection: Get your mind involved! Think about the correct muscles – concentrate on using them. When your mind and body connect, you’ll perfect your movements and form to get the most out of your workouts.

  3. Build Not Destroy: Your goal is to stimulate (build), not overwork (destroy). Recovery is a major contributor to your results, so when you overwork your muscles and can’t recover, you’re setting yourself up for nonproductive workouts. Intensity is not about beating yourself up, but about keeping you challenged so you recover and maximize your progress.

We train in 3-week cycles to allow you to adequately learn and master each exercise before moving onto new ones.

Too much exercise variety leads to muscle confusion, injury and not working the correct muscles. Too little variety leads to muscle memory, stagnant results and boredom. Scientifically, the 3-week cycles are an excellent balance. Follow the steps for each week:



Niesam is an artificial intelligence (Ai) programmed to be a personal trainer. Instead of being programmed with pre-made workouts, Niesam is programmed in exercise science; including movement planes, muscles, joints, fitness objectives, exercises and rep schemes. Charts, equations, hierarchies and time-tested scientific methodologies are utilized to teach the Ai how to construct workouts based upon your individual needs and goals. In a nutshell, Niesam learns about you, your abilities and your goals and then designs workouts accordingly.


Workouts are based upon principles of modern exercise science (see About Our Training) giving Niesam the ability to prescribe full-body workouts that are scientifically proportioned – meaning each movement plane, or group of muscles, are exercised the correct amount. Niesam is programmed to understand how to change exercise routines based on variables like gender, how good of shape you’re in, your fitness goals, and other factors that influence exercise selection. The result is that Niesam selects the right exercises to work each of your muscles in the correct scientific proportions for you to achieve your fitness goals.


There are also varying types of ways to do different exercises and work different movement planes, so Niesam was programmed with body weight, free weight, resistance bands, kettle bells, medicine balls, equipment and machines along with scientific hierarchies, tables, charts and equations that allow it to know which method is best for you. In other words, just because you have a dumbbell doesn’t mean it’s the best way to do a particular exercise at this time. Niesam understands when to use each type of equipment to optimize your workouts.

Niesam was then programmed with intensity charts and sophisticated algorithms to allow it to adapt to your abilities. Again, rep schemes, or the number of sets, reps, type of movement (like concentric, eccentric or isometric), weight methods (to determine the appropriate amount of load for each exercise) and rest in between sets, all change according to similar variables that influence exercise selection. Niesam is programmed on cutting edge science using RIR, or reps in reserve, that teach it how to figure out your threshold. This is necessary to ensure that intensity is not too easy (causing poor results) or too hard (setting you up for injury and poor recovery). Niesam works with you to fine tune intensity suited specifically for you.

By now, you probably understand why it took over two years to develop Niesam. So why did we do it? Because your body is a complex machine so what works for one person won’t necessarily work for you. Yet the market is saturated with one-size-fits-all workout routines that consist of pre-made workouts. We knew it would require Ai with the ability to think and learn to break the mold and usher in a new era of affordable personal training.

The remarkable benchmark of Ai is that it can do it better than a human and that’s because it can simultaneously process over a million-times more information than a human can, thus allowing it to figure out things that we would not be able to discover. Niesam also gets smarter with every use. That means the more you use it, the more it understands you and the better it prescribes workouts and intensity for you. What’s even better is that Niesam learns from all users, so you benefit from what it learns about you and everybody else.

While pre-made workouts start to lose their effectiveness over time (usually over a twelve-week span), your workouts with Niesam will do the reverse and get better. If you’re looking for consistent results that are tailored to you, give Niesam a try and see what a difference personal training will make for you.